School Travel

The School Travel Plan is a document which sets out a number of practical ways to:

  • inspire travel to school in a safe and sustainable way;
  • reduce the number of car runs made to and from school;
  • encourage more walking and scooting/cycling and therefore improve children's health;
  • improve safety on the school journey and equip children with better road awareness;
  • encourage better driving habits and reduce the reported cases of dangerous driving/parking;
  • cut congestion at the school gate.  

The Travel Plan is submitted via a system called STARS (Sustainable Travel: Active, Responsible, Safe).  STARS is TfL's accreditation scheme for London schools and nurseries, and it supports pupils' wellbeing, helps to reduce congestion at the school gates and improves road safety and air quality.

Why STARS? The average journey to school is less than one kilometre, that's around a 10-minute walk. However, many of these journeys are made by car leading to congestion and an unsafe and polluted environment for us all. By swapping car journeys for active travel, together STARS schools can make a real difference to our city and support the Mayor's vision for Healthy Streets.  

Be part of the solution: Since the STARS accreditation scheme started in 2007, STARS schools' pupils, parents/carers and staff have replaced over 22 million kilometres of car journeys with active travel!  That's an incredible step towards a healthier, less congested London.

As a STARS school, it is expected that we will see a reduction of between 6-12% in the number of trips made by car to school.

The School Travel Plan is a whole school initiative which involves children, staff, parents, Governors and the wider community.  If you have any ideas, proposals or comments for the Plan, please don't hesitate to email the school office.