Religious Education

Religious Education at HTL is just that, education in religion. It is not religious instruction or an attempt to convert pupils. HTL follows the 'Understanding Christianity' scheme of work, a widely praised program which is essentially theology for primary aged children. Pupils study and critically explore core concepts within the faith such as creation, salvation, the gospels and the Kingdom of God through big questions. Children are taught higher-order skills such as questioning, evaluating and critically reviewing set in a context of understanding the whole Christian narrative. The scheme is modern, vibrant, highly academic and is widely enjoyed by pupils of all ages. Throughout the years, children also learn about all of the world's main religions to ensure that they are ready to be members of our diverse society.

At HTL. we enhance and enrich our curriculum with an education in love, courage and wisdom to ensure that our pupils, Christian or not, are empathetic people, ready to take on the challenges of their generation as part of a local and global community.