Mental Health and Well-being

My Happy Mind (NHS certified)

Our school's programme (MHM)

Our science-backed programme for schools is grounded in the latest science and research about what it takes to create positive well-being.

It’s taught to every single child and there’s a curriculum for every year group from Early Years to Year 6. We also give you a staff wellbeing programme and a Parent App too!


Our five key philosophies

The myHappymind programmes are underpinned by 5 key philosophies:

Proactive not reactive

Mental health activity is often focused on supporting individuals when they face challenges. Whilst this is critical, we believe that it’s also important to support individuals in building their resilience and self-esteem proactively. Prevention is at the heart of what we do.

Stigma reversing

Ensuring that individuals understand the science behind how their brains work and how to impact their self-esteem and resilience is at the heart of what we do. When people get the why, they take action.

A systemic approach

We passionately believe in supporting both Staff and Parent wellbeing alongside the children. That’s why we provide a CPD certified wellbeing program for all staff in the schools and nurseries we support along with a state of the art Parent App so the learning journey can continue at home.

Fun to Learn & Easy to Teach

myHappymind is easy to teach via our digital lessons and resources which are all pre-made for teachers, which means planning time is minimal. We also believe mental health education can and should be fun, we integrate quizzes, music, games and our lovely characters to make myHappymind fun to learn!

Equitable access for all

We’re also proud that myHappymind is tailored to meet the needs of neuro-diverse children and we have a dedicated Special Schools Programme. myHappymind has also been modified to support those children who are hard of hearing or partially sighted.

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