Student Leadership

Head Pupils

Two year 6 pupils will be appointed Head Pupils by the headteacher at the first opportunity in September of each academic year. Pupils will be nominated by their year 5 teachers and should possess the following qualities:

  • An outstanding example of a HTL pupil
  • An impeccable behaviour record over a significant period of time (at least a year)
  • Consistently demonstrates our Christian values
  • Excellent academic outcomes, either attainment or in terms of the progress made
  • Confident and able to speak to adults individually or reading in front of a group
  • A confident and capable writer, able to write letters to parents and other pupils
  • Generally, candidates for Head Boy and Head Girl should have spent the majority of their school life at HTL, or at least 2-3 years. Exceptions may be made occasionally by the headteacher.

The Head boy and Head girl are automatically made prefects and members of the school council and remain as such throughout Y6. They will have their award embroidered onto the outerwear of their school uniform free of charge by Caseys, the school’s uniform supplier. They will be asked to contribute to whole school events such as the new reception starter event or show around guests or visitors from time to time.

The Head Boy and Head Girl will both be awarded a ‘full colours’ tie, which they are entitled to wear at all times. Their names shall be displayed on an honours board and they can be removed from their post only by the head teacher if they fail to live up to the qualities listed above.



Prefects are appointed in all classes from Y3 up by their class teachers. Each KS2 class teacher is entitled to appoint up to 5 prefects from within their class. Pupils will be made prefects for demonstrating the following qualities;

  • A leading example of a HTL pupil in their class
  • Consistently excellent behaviour over a period of at least half a term
  • Consistently excellent effort in class
  • Consistently demonstrating our Christian Values

Prefects will be awarded a pin badge which they should wear at all times on the outermost layer of their uniform

Prefects are entitled to sit on the benches during worship and at the ‘Prefect table’ in the dinner hall (regardless of their meal choice). Pupils must be wearing their prefect pin in order to take up these privileges.

A teacher, the HT or DHT may remove a pupil’s prefect status where they are no longer consistently demonstrating the qualities listed above.


School Council

Our school council meet regularly to discuss issues and raise money for the school. In recent years we have organised sales that have helped us to buy additional outdoor play equipment. We also discuss issues of whole school concern, such as improving lunchtimes and resources needed and organise competitions such as designing Anti-bullying Posters.

Eco Club

A big thank you from the School Council!

For our morning worship today we had a special visit from Beverley Reeves. Beverley is a volunteer, who speaks in schools on behalf of the RSPCA. She talked to us about the RSPCA charity and the work that they do. Beverley also spoke about how we should look after animals and in particular our pets.

The School Council presented a cheque to Beverley for £1834.75 which was the total amount raised from our fundraising event. A big thank you to everyone for raising such an incredible amount of money for our chosen charity this year.

We would like to express our appreciation to Ben and Angela Bullen for taking the time to lead the charity event and help the day run smoothly. They also joined us for our worship and presented certificates to the best-dressed boy and girl from each class. 

The children had great fun at the fundraising event and everyone managed to complete the obstacle course. Well done and thank you again!

Holy Trinity Lamorbey CE Primary School operates an incentive program to promote aspirational qualities in our pupils and support the positive management of behaviour. Please see below.


Learner of the week

Learner of the Week awards are given to pupils in recognition for excellence is any aspect of school life. Up to two pupils from each class can be given an excellence award at each Learner of the Week assembly. There will also be a Love, Courage and Wisdom award each week with 1 pupil also nominated for Reader of the Week.