Holy Trinity teaches children across 3 Key Stages.

Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. 

At Holy Trinity Lamorbey our curriculum Transforms our children’s Lives and Builds their Future.  Our curriculum is linked to the National Curriculum but is not limited by it. Our curriculum is tailored to the community we serve, reflecting its diversity, hopes and aspirations. As a church school, R.E. is a core subject and our curriculum specifically plans for children’s spiritual development. 

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At Holy Trinity Lamorbey our curriculum will Transform Lives by:

  • Engendering a strong ability to relate to others and the world. 
  • Instilling strong values and an astute sense of social  justice that compels children to make the world a better place, using the skills and knowledge that they have acquired with us to do so.  
  • Our curriculum brings learning and knowledge to life through abstract and concrete experiences and opportunities.
  • Our curriculum allows us as educators to explore new ways to prepare our children’s purpose in the world beyond the classroom. 
  • We build and develop children’s grit, resilience, self regulation, self review and safeguard their mental health by developing the whole child, not just their academic performance. 

Our curriculum Builds Futures by:

  • Preparing our children to be active citizens in a multicultural society.
  • Preparing our children to serve others and have a positive impact on the world 
  • Develop a wide range of 21st century skills preparing our children for technologies used both now and in the future.
  • Preparing our children for a world we cannot yet imagine.  
  • Enabling all of our children to move confidently and successfully through their education, imparting knowledge and wisdom; learning is purposeful  and secures outstanding outcomes for all.

Key Stage 1 & 2 National Curriculum Tests: Information for Parents