School Activities

Schools Out Club

A Breakfast and After School Club run by Schools Out (South) Limited operates at Holy Trinity Lamorbey CE School.

The Breakfast Club at Holy Trinity opens at 7.30am and provides a choice of hot and cold breakfast and refreshments. The After School Club operates until 6pm and provides a healthy snack and refreshments.

Breakfast Club:  07598 514495

1st Child £8.75 per session

Sibling £8.50 per session

After School Club: 07913 740106

1st Child £13.75 per session

Sibling £13.50 per session 

The club also offers occasional places if numbers allow. 

For enquiries or additional information, please contact the area manager by phone: 020 8300 1996; or email:

School's Out Parent Pack 

Chamber Choir and Orchestra

The school runs a chamber choir and chamber orchestra. Auditions are held each September and pupils are selected on musical merit. If a pupil successfully auditions for the Chamber Choir or Chamber Orchestra, they will be awarded a Chamber Musician tie which they are entitled to wear at all times.

Only the head teacher or deputy head teacher may remove a child’s Chamber Musician tie, either temporarily or permanently if a pupil’s conduct warrants it.

Pupils must maintain at least 80% attendance at rehearsals to retain their place in the Chamber Choir or Orchestra. This excludes authorised absences for medical appointments, school trips or visiting secondary schools.