On behalf of the Governors, staff and children at Holy Trinity Lamorbey Church of England Primary school, we would like to extend a very warm welcome to you; and thank you for visiting our website.

I am incredibly proud and privileged to be the Principal of Holy Trinity Lamorbey Church of England Primary school, and the entire staff team and I, are committed to ensuring that each child’s primary school days are exciting and rewarding, so that they develop a love for learning.  We recognise, promote and value equality and diversity, and I am truly excited to be leading the way on our journey to greater success. It is our hope that when our pupils come to the end of their journey with us, they do so with the academic achievement they deserve and the personal characteristics they need to be successful in the next phase of their education and beyond.

Mrs S Dawes
Academy Principal
Holy Trinity Lamorbey
CE Primary School

As a church school, the Christian faith underpins all that we do in school and pupils leave us well prepared for life, in the knowledge that they are loved by God and that he has a unique purpose for each of them. We pride ourselves on our warm and friendly atmosphere and know that new parents and children will quickly feel part of our school family. We have high expectations, and it is important to us that our children are happy, confident, resilient and enjoy their learning; making the most of all the fantastic opportunities that we have to offer. We ensure that all learning is purposeful and linked to our children's own experiences; so they are engaged, challenged and become highly effective problem solvers and communicators.

Here at Holy Trinity Lamorbey, we fundamentally believe that education can transform lives and build extraordinary futures for our children through love, courage and wisdom. Our curriculum is creative, inclusive and exciting. It provides children with a broad range of learning experiences which seek to nurture talents and acquire new skills in a hands-on and engaging way. It is our aim for all children to have a deeper understanding of the world around them and to become responsible and caring citizens of the future.

We work closely with parents and carers and welcome their suggestions and ideas and ensure that they understand, that their opinions and voices are valued.  This strong home-school link ensures that our children receive the best possible outcomes in both their educational and personal development.

Our website is your first opportunity to find out lots of information about our school but, we would love for you to visit us if you are thinking of choosing our school for your child, so that you can experience the school environment and ethos for yourselves. I would be delighted to give you a tour and provide you with an opportunity to see, first- hand, the experiences that our children have at Holy Trinity Lamorbey Church of England Primary school. Simply contact our school office to make an appointment.

Mrs. Dawes