Year 2 finally get to visit Tower Bridge

A fantastic day out in London

The Year 2 children had a fantastic day out in London to visit Tower Bridge.  As a year group we have learnt a lot about Tower Bridge over the past two terms.  We were very excited to finally see the bridge in real life.  As we got closer to the bridge we realised how huge it is. As we walked from the station to Tower Bridge we spotted lots of London landmarks, including the Gherkin, The Tower of London, The Walkie Talkie and HMS Belfast.

To get to the top of the bridge we had to travel in a large elevator, which we found very exciting.  At the top we met a member of the Tower Bridge team who answered some of our questions.  We then walked along the East Walkway where we could see Canary Wharf and lots of boats on the River Thames.  One of the most exciting things was walking across the glass walkway. 

We were all very brave. We had the chance to count how many types of transport were travelling across and under Tower Bridge by looking through the glass floor.  We were lucky enough to spot a boat travelling underneath. We then had the chance to go across to the other walkway where we could see as far as the BT Tower and St Paul’s Cathedral.  Our parents were very impressed by all the information we could remember about St Paul’s Cathedral from when we learnt about the Great Fire of London.

After that we went down to visit the engine rooms.  To get to the engine rooms we had to walk down a lot of stairs and out onto Tower Bridge.  We followed a long blue line which took us into the engine room.  Here we were able to see how the bridge was powered before they introduced electricity.  Again we were able to remember a lot of information about how the bridge was powered and opened.  They had one of the engines working, with the cogs turning and the pistons moving.

We then finally went to eat our lunch in the park.  To finish our trip we were able to watch a gun salute that was being held at the Tower of London.  The gun salute was to mark the Queen's jubilee. Celebrating 70 years on the throne.  We had a fantastic day, and it was well worth the wait.